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                           We serve builders, kitchen studios, designers                                 and remodeling contractors working in Texas,     

who need custom cabinetry  with high level of design and quality standards as to boost their profits at the same time.



We provide the cabinets you need to make astonishing kitchens, baths and furniture designs.


Classic to Modern and in between

Our offer is almost limitless. From classic cathedral raised panel models, passing trough shaker options or you can go as modern as you can imagine and up to the latest trends from Europe with the most innovative Innovika´s unique front designs. Innovika is innovation, assured quality and goes way beyond the market standard door models. Enjoy the high end impact of our products in your proyects and living or working spaces.

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Insert profiles, cast in handles, 45º beveled edges & other spectacular handleless solutions.

There is a duality that comes to life in a cabinet door, a play that melts the shapes of the front and the opening solution. Both make one thing in the end that brings out most of the character in a piece of furniture, so is the expression of the front design and that opening point, where there are many ways to shape a handle....or a handleless opening. We believe each cabinet we produce is a piece of fine furniture for the kitchen, bath or any other design points in a home, office or commercial space in which good design, identity and only the best materials, hardware and craftsmanship get together. Innovika´s opening options let you play and choose to create furniture sets with great personality for your projects in most design styles. Distinguish your self from the rest and put the outmost of your creativity to bright up even more in every new project.

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Find it all from solid lacquered colors to exotic veneers, thermofoil, Fenix  & more

The finish of the cabinet fronts are the face of the end product. They declare a taxture, gloss level, color, wood pattern or the mix of all. Designers make sure the assembly of  this options work along all other elements involved. We offer a wide range of materilas in over one hundred solids and wood pattern options. You can also order lacquered color matchings to customize your order for the perfect integration in your creative composition. Exotic veneers that will warm up your atmosphere, bright high gloss in lacquered mdf, policarbonate, ABS or thermofoil, to make any design statement you want to reflect is also available. If you want the latest, many matt and súper matt selections you can choose from are there for you in our range too. Surprise yourself and learn more about our finishes fist.

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Robust, full access Euro style

Innovika produces with all made in Europe CNC machines, and has engineered a solid MDF cabinet structure to overcome succesfuly long distance transportation and long years of daily use. Our cabinets comply with TSCA certifications for use in the USA. The edgebanding covers all edges with high tech adehisvie "PUR" making the faces and the edges of all parts a "one piece"component to protect them from the most hostile weather conditions under normal interior use. See warranty details and find out how Innovika´s cabinets are highly reliable for any kicthecn, bath or funiture proyect comparable with top quality european brands. As any high quality custom cabinet, all cabinets are PRE ASSEMBLED and will safely arrive to you as they are carefully packed after quality controls by our plant protocols. You and your customers will feel free for long years of great performance and satisfaction.

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We only use Austrian made Blum hinges & integral drawers.

You will find in all our cabinets the best hinges with 110° opening angle and soft closing, and 3 levels of integral drawer slides for you to select according to your proyect´s objetives. Most importantly, all hinges and slides  have the best available brand in furniture hardware made in Ausria: "BLUM"
Unquestionable performance and cutting edge functionality. The best cabinet takes only the best hardware options. One of the best "value vs price" promises, only from Innovika.



Lightening pull outs interior organization & more

We know how important is to offer the most advanced solutions to fullfill any expectation to equip a kitchen, bath, entertaining center or any furniture you create with our cabinets, so there is a great deal of alternatives to increase functionality and satisfaction to the end user. Most interior gadgets are offerd. Side interior or under uppers exterior lights, as for the drawers are available. Pull outs, servo motion for the opening of the doors and drawers and more will get the most confort and pleasure for all users. From the most basic to the top high end full equipment, find it all in Innovika´s cabinetry lines.

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Now with over 300 customers nationwide in México and more than 100 employees, Innovika was founded in 1997 by the Industrial Designer Roberto Casas in Guadalajara, Jalisco, who started it from scratch in a small  two story garage and office, by then named Foiltech. He managed to go from a one person company in a 700 sqf floor space to 60 employees, more than 100 customers nationwide and a manufacturing space of more than 25,000 sqf. Roberto was the first to bring the made to size thermofoil doors and other innovative european materilas and kitchen  cabinet door designs in to the mexican kitchen industry. in 2008 the industrious Obregon family boght the company to Roberto, by then and now named Innovika.  Now, after continuous grouth and the manufacturing process consolidation along important technological investments the company is ready to expand to the U.S. and is bringing Roberto Casas back to the team as responsible for the exports to the Texas market as a focused exports program. Roberto has over 30 years in the Kitchen industry with experience in many fileds: the manufacturing of components as supplyer to cabinet makers, producing to deliver key on hand fully equiped and installed kitchens, design and sales either for high end residnetial jobs as for large developments,  but mostly he is recogniced as a prolific innovator with an extensive formation in the european kitchen business. The new part Owner and CEO Alfonso Obregon and Roberto Casas strive to put their best of both expertises to serve the cabinet market trough out the state of Texas, and bring Innovika´s products with the most care to this new territory. Alfonso is a brilliant Industrial Engeneer. Studied at Texas A&M and his manufacturing and finance skills have a rock solid back ground also with more than 30 years long, he is well known in the U.S. kitchen cabinet market as his family owned and runned under his command for over ten years the production of solid wood cabinet doors in México as a contract supplyer to most of the largest kicthen cabinet manufacturers across the U.S. along his brother Rodrigo who was responislbe of marketing and sales under the firm TME, untill they sold it to their largest customer a few years a go. 

So feel confident to take the opportunity to bid your next proyect with us. Roberto, Alfonso and Innovika´s team will take good care of your custom cabinet needs. One important plus you´ll find is incredible competitive prices. Join to those who already started enjoing all innovika´s bennefits and are quite happy installing our products in their proyects.



Innovika has a clear mindset in regards to delivering under what is promissed.


Our aim is to supply you with products comparable to european cabinets  but saving you thousands of dollars in every order with a great deal of flexibility.


We have over 30 years working in the production floor, same as we have in the creative and innovative field to create the best solutions customized for each proyect and budget. We put all we have learned to your service, and look forward to keep evolving as we serve your needs.


We like to be involved as much as you want us to, in order to add value. We want to be part of your team since you have your next goals in the drafting board.


We help you to get our stuff to your door, so you do not feel the distance. What is already produced and shipped gets overnight to the borther. We will be along your side all the way. The money and time savings will make it all make sense. We are your next door neighbours.


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“Lets create memorable kitchens"

Innovika Texas exports division



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